Sustainable Health Initiative

Accelerator program for early-stage startups innovating for long-term social, health, and environmental impact.


The Yale Institute for Global Health has partnered with The CoWrks Foundry to launch the Sustainable Health Initiative (SHI).

SHI is a 24-week startup accelerator program crafted to help founders improve the public health system in India and in other emerging economies by leveraging a combination of technology and local ingenuity.

Deadline April 5, 2019

SHI Partners:

Challenges Crippling the Healthcare Industry

Though India has seen remarkable economic development in the last decade, there are still numerous challenges that need to be tackled. Rapid economic growth, globalization, unplanned and unregulated urbanization, changing lifestyles and other environmental causes have contributed to a substantially increased labor force. However, they have also adversely affected workforce efficiency, resulting in a surge of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia and mental illness in India and all the other growing economies. Thus creating a need for private sector intervention for the creation of sustainable solutions.


We will invest in dynamic teams who are building cutting edge healthcare solutions for both the Indian ecosystem and other global emerging economies.

Startups building innovative solutions in the following areas will be matched with that of the faculty expertise at Yale.

  • Vector Borner Diseases

  • Urban Health and Environment

  • Maternal, Child and Newborn Health

  • Non-Communicable Diseases

  • Water and Sanitation

Selection Criteria

Startups applying to the program will be evaluated on:

  • Impact

    What difference will the startup make in improving health?

  • Burden

    Will it address the pressing health challenges in India and other emerging economies?

  • Feasibility

    How realistically can the solution be developed and deployed?

  • Knowledge Gap

    Does the technology advance health by creating new knowledge?

  • Appropriateness

    Will it be affordable, robust and adjustable to the healthcare settings in India and other developing countries, and will it be socially, culturally and politically acceptable?

Highlights of the Program

SHI is designed to enable healthcare startups to build scalable businesses for social, health, and environmental impact.

  • Seed Capital

    Healthcare startups will be equipped with smart seed capital up to $70,000. Through the course of the program, startups will have access to top Indian and global investors.

  • CoWorking Space

    Industry experts from the Indian ecosystem and faculty mentors from Yale to build competencies around business and product through various touch points, including office hours, coaching conversations and events.

  • Targeted Coaching

    Premium workspaces within CoWrks - one of India’s largest coworking space built for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and even Fortune 500s.

  • Industry Network

    Teams can leverage strong market access with warm, personalized introductions across the extensive CoWrks and Yale member network, and access coaches across our various international programs including and investors aligned to each domain.

  • Post Program Support

    Post completion of the program, founders will have the space to interact and support each other through alumni groups, recurring founders’ meet, access to our internal coaches and exclusive event access.


Startups selected for the SHI program will be expected to commit 6 months to the accelerator curriculum.